Import Check-ins from Gowalla, Foursquare & Facebook Places.
Imports links from Delicious.
Easy presentation of your various social networking profiles.
Adds a tag cloud for a particular journal.
Imports photos from Flickr.
Imports entries from an RSS feed.
Imports tweets from Twitter.
Presents a dynamic web log.
Presents a basic HTML page.
Allows users to interact in a multi-threaded discussion.
A searchable database of questions / answers.
Places a secure contact form on your site.
Allows you to construct a form for collecting data from users.
A container for other pages nested in a tree.
Allows you to present users with browsable picture galleries.
Adds an indexed/archive view of a particular journal.
Allows users to search your web site.
Allows you to present a list of books or music.
Allows users to download files.
Allows for automatic tracking of website changes.
Allows you to present users with a list of favorite links.
Adds a direct page link to your navigation area.
Display a geographical map.
Allows for a single threaded guestbook style discussion.
Adds a login prompt link to your website.


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Pages & Widgets

The modules at the core of Squarespace

Modules provide pre-built functionality in your Squarespace site. Most are available as a page or a widget (What's the difference between a widget and a page?). To help you get started we have quick posts on adding a page and adding a widget.